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Scarlet Letters is the fanclub magazine that Harris Comics produces, starting in 1994 and running up to the present day.  Each issue contains 'fan-type' material, but it never looks or feels amateurish, as can be seen by the covers alone which are superb.  These first 6 issues were perhaps a tad erratic in scheduling, but great to read.

One interesting point is that the first 3 issues contained a list of people happy to be contacted about Vampi (no e-mails in those days) including their ages!

Scarlet Letters #1

Volume 1 Issue 1

Published 1994. The president is Michael Chatham, and of interest is the fact that both Sean Fernald and Seth Biederman are mentioned on the masthead.

News and views

2 pages of fan art

The Vampirella Network (contacts)

Pics of the first Vampirella model Cathy Christian

A dramatic rendition of Vampirella

Volume 1 Issue 2

Published 1995.

Letters column

Interview with Tom Sniegoski (part 1)

2 pages of fan art (see example on right)

The Vampirella Network (contacts)

First exclusive fan club offer of Vampirella #0 platinum edition

Vampi chained (art by a fan)

Volume 1 Issue 3

Published 1995.  Stewart Morales takes over from Michael Chatham.

Fan art (right)

Interview with Tom Sniegoski (part 2)

Message from Melonie Crawford Chadwick (editorial director and associate publisher)

Vampirella tattoos (would you believe?)

Vampi bound (more art - ? another fan)

Scarlet Letters #4

Volume 1 Issue 4

Published 1996. There was an announcement that Dave Bogart has joined Harris Publications as managing editor.

Interview with Rudy Nebres

More fan art

Vampirella story index covering the Warren years 1969 - 1983

Vampirella black and white

Scarlet Letters #5

Volume 1 Issue 5

Published 1996. Now 8 pages. Sean Fernald takes over as Scarlet Legion president.

Interview with Forrest J. Ackerman

Interview with Mark Texeira

Harris Vampirella Story Index

Forrest Ackerman, Brinke Stevens and Angelique Trouverre (on left)

Scarlet Letters #6

Volume 1 Issue 6

Published 1997.

Interview with Amanda Conner

Interview with Michael Bair

Fan art (right)

Fan art

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