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Clayburn Moore Julie Strain figure  
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This figure is the very special limited Julie Strain action figure sculpted by Clay Moore.

The story goes that after Clayburn Moore had completed the fabulous Vampirella action figures he realised that a Julie Strain variant would prove to be a popular variant version for the fans, and approached Harris with the idea.

Editor Dave Bogart loved the idea, and once Julie herself had given permission it was full speed for the variant.  Clay had already sculpted Julie for the F.A.K.K.2 figure and so this new figure was quickly sculpted.

The figure is very limited and available from Harris website (click over to the Contents page to find your link to Harris to order one).  

Julie Strain variant figure

There is a special Tower Records limited boxed edition of the Julie Strain figure (only 1,000 were made) which were also available at the end of 2000.  One is shown on the left.

Unlike the regular special edition of the Vampirella model, this one does not have any of the extras, including a lack of the pins that are on the feet to stand the model on the plastic landscape.

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