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Clayburn Moore Vampirella figure  
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Ad for the Vampirella Action figues
In the September catalogue from Another universe (now Fandom) the above advertisement really got Vampirella fans going.  A genuine Vampirella action figure - what more could you want?
Harvest Moon variant

Since 1998 action figures of comic characters had begun to play a greater and greater role.  The comic shops gradually gave more and more space to them, the catalogues began to put action figures ahead of the comics themselves.

Vampirella' figure was first conceived in 1998, but it took a good two years before she finally appeared in November 2000.  It was important to get it right, and I suspect most of the fans were glad of the wait when they saw the eventual outcome.

Not one Vampirella, but two.  On the left is the rare 'Harvest Moon' variant, showing the same figure but with a different background and a lovely coloured moon.  One variant figure was placed in each box (1 in 5) adding to the collectability of the figure.

Clay also added some specially signed sets at much higher prices, personally signed by himself.

Then we got another surprise.  During the summer of 2000 Clay had the idea of a Julie Strain variant figure as well, and Harris was delighted.  Details of this very special figure can be found here.

As if all this wasn't enough, a further so-called variant appeared, especially on the eBay auction sites.  This figure was known as the 'butt' variant or the 'thong' variant because the actual Vampirella figure had been packaged looking into the card rather than out, exposing her rear end (hence the terms used to describe this version).

Whether you believe this is a true variant or not I leave to you.  An example is shown on the right.

Besides the figure and the background fans will also get what the advertisements call "awesome weapons".  These are a crossbow and revolver.  It's debatable that these are 'awesome', and I actually find them a bit fiddly to get to grips with, but they add to the total experience and I imagine younger fans like that sort of thing.  perhaps older ones do to.

Make your own mind up on that.

The variant 'butt' or 'thong' package

A special variant figure was produced for the 2001 Toy Show by Clayton Moore.  It is the same as the regular model but painted in gold and packed in a special 'collector's box'.

Only 2,400 were produced, and some were signed by Clayton Moore (I have one of these).  They are very cool, as you can see.

In late 2002 Harris sold a number of these signed by the current Vampirella model, Maria di Angelis, through Diamond.

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