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Vampirella's timeline  
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The early years

Innocent adventuress

Hollywood and beyond

Ten years on

Birth and death

Saviour from evil

A new beginning


Despite a change in publisher and a 30 year timespan over her life, Vampirella's writers have shown remarkable consistency in creating a storyline that has followed her from 1969 to today.

This section of the website looks at the storyline and traces it through all Vampirella's appearances in comics. The order is mine (although the various editors responsible for the comics have helped by clarifying certain areas of her life) and sometimes I have had to guess in order to try and make sense of it all. The hardest section came in Vampirella Strikes where Vampirella left her traditional storyline, but clues related to her location and other hints within the stories enabled me to choose fairly sensibly. At times I may have mistaken the order, but that is for you and I to debate.

For convenience I have divided the timeline into eight sections, using occasions within the story as breaks rather than the various series of comics themselves.

The Early Years From Warren's Vampirella #1 to Warren's Vampirella #37
Innocent Adventuress From Warren's Vampirella #38 to Warren's Vampirella #66
Hollywood and Beyond From Warren's Vampirella #67 to Warren's Vampirella #112
Ten Years On From Morning in America to Vengeance of Vampirella #13
Birth and Death From Vengeance of Vampirella #14 to Vampirella/Shi #1
Saviour from Evil From Vampirella Monthly #1 to Vampirella Monthly #26
A New Beginning From Vampirella #01 onwards
Miscellaneous A number of miscellaneous stories

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