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The early years

Innocent adventuress

Hollywood and beyond

Ten years on

Birth and death

Saviour from evil

A new beginning


Some of Vampirella's adventures just don't fit into her regular storyline (yet). These appear in this section, although the epilogue from Blood Lust and the Manga stories are so far in the future we hardly need worry about trying to fit them in.

Without doubt the best of the bunch is Looking for Mr Goodwin in Vampirella Monthly #18, telling of how Vampirella herself sought out Archie Goodwin to persuade him to 'tell' her stories in the first place. A nice spin on the whole saga.

The crossovers with Chaos Comics (Lady Death versus Vampirella II and Purgatori versus Vampirella) and Image/Top Cow (Magdalena and Witchblade meet Vampirella) don't seem to fit into the Harris continuity, but are stand alone.  I found the Purgatori story the most puzzling as it suggests Vampirella and Chastity had already met and this was part of an earlier story.

Story Comics the story has appeared in
Looking for Mr Goodwin

Vampirella Monthly #18: Rebirth #1

Vampirella's Horror Classics (Hardcover)

Indecent Proposal Vampirella Comics Magazine #7

Miss Hemoglobin 1998

Vampirella/Painkiller Jane #1

I Get By with a Little Help from my friends

Sharky #4

Uncommon Ground Lady Death vs Vampirella II
Purgatori vs Vampirella Purgatori vs Vampirella

Blood Lust Epilogue

Vampirella: Blood Lust (Hardcover)

Vampirella Manga 2999

Vampirella 2999 A.D. Manga Ashcan

Vampirella Manga 3000

Vampirella 3000 A.D. Manga Ashcan

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